To-Read Book List for 2020


As 2020 approaches, I hope I can inspire more people to read, even if it is just one more book than they read this year. And it is for these people that I publish this book list, so the excuse of not having a book to pick up can be eliminated.

Below are a list of 52 books from which I plan to read most of my books for the new year. Enjoy.


  1. A History of Christianity — Dairmaid MacCulloch
  2. Discrimination and Disparities — Thomas Sowell
  3. Billionaire Raj — James Crabtree
  4. Dawn of Eurasia — Bruno Macaes
  5. Rise and Kill First — Ronen Bergman
  6. Triumph of the City — Edward Glaeser
  7. Fifty Things That Made the Modern World — Tim Harford
  8. The Templar — Dan Jones
  9. Mafia Life — Federico Varese


  1. Dignity — Chris Arnade
  2. Capitalism in America — Alan Greenspan
  3. The Age of Reform — Richard Hofstadter
  4. Cheap Sex — Mark Regnerus
  5. Hit Makers — Derek Thompson


  1. The Looting Machine — Tom Burgis
  2. Fighting Corruption is Dangerous — Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
  3. Afonja — Tunde Leye
  4. Love Does Not Win Elections — Ayisha Osori
  5. Barracoon — Zora Hurston
  6. Dictatorland — Paul Kenyon
  7. This Present Darkness — Stephen Ellis
  8. The President’s Keeper — Jacques Pauw


  1. Grit — Angela Duckworth
  2. The Laws of Human Nature — Robert Greene
  3. The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fuck — Mark Manson
  4. Secrets of the Ages by Robert Collier
  5. Deep Work — Cal Newport
  6. What Are We Doing Here? — Marilynne Robinson
  7. Entrepreneurial You — Dorie Clark


  1. ISHMAEL — Daniel Quinn
  2. Arrow of God — Chinua Achebe
  3. Pachinko — Min Jin Lin
  4. Disgrace — J. M. Coetzee


  1. Hit Refresh -Satya Nadella
  2. When Breath becomes Air — Paul Kavanithi
  3. David — Rabbi Wolpe
  4. Leonardo da Vinci — Walter Isaacson


  1. Gladstone — Roy Jenkins
  2. Rise and Fall of the British Empire — David Edgerton
  3. The Secret Barrister — Unknown Author
  4. Victorious Century — David Cannadine


  1. CEO, China — Kerry Brown
  2. Prisoner of the State — Zhao Ziyang
  3. China’s Great Wall of Debt — Dinny McMahon


  1. Economics In One Lesson — Henry Hazlitt
  2. The Complacent Class — Tyler Cowen


  1. Attention Merchants — Tim Wu
  2. Black Skin, White Masks — Frantz Fanon
  3. Fundamentals of Aerodynamics — John D. Anderson
  4. The Away Game — Sebastián Abbot
  5. How to Love Wine — Eric Asimov
  6. Concentrated Parenting — Cristina Odone




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'Tosin Adeoti

'Tosin Adeoti

Reader. Thinker. Entrepreneur (Founder at Email:

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