📈 Invitation: Personal Finance Masterclass 2021

There is an update to this post regarding the cost of the Masterclass. They are both emails I sent to a group of subscribers who took my Financial Planning Class in early December 2020. The first was sent first and then an update was made the next day.

You will see the update at the second part of this article, where the first one ends. Keep reading…

On December 12, I took a class on Financial Planning. The feedback of the session were quite good. Here are a few,

“It was a lively session. The explanation was explicit. Points well driven home by simple examples.

The mode of presentation was also on point. Great communication skills.

By far, this is the best session I’ve had on Financial investment.”


“It was a fantastic and eye opening session. Doesn’t come simpler. Kudos Tosin!!”


“The session was AMAZING. Tosin shared some useful tips, tools, and personality traits needed for managing an individual’s finance efficiently, throughout the year. I learnt about some very good apps useful for budgeting and tracking one’s expenses from the masterclass, as well as various investment options available, depending on an individual income level, and risk appetite.”


It’s occurred to me that some of the things I took for granted are actually not known by a lot of people, especially young people. As I speak with older adults, one of the things they regret is not taking charge of their finances when they were much younger.

Because I read a lot about different things, I encounter opportunities I feel a lot of people are in on, only to discover that several people have no idea about them.

So I have decided to have a small personal finance group for a masterclass where I will share some of these knowledge.

As usual, a lot of people will be interested in this offer but at the end of the day a small percentage will take action on them. It is therefore imperative for the sake of my time that only those committed to follow through the process are engaged. So I have decided on two entry requirements:

  1. Pre-Masterclass Evaluation


The Financial Planning session was rushed but in this masterclass, we will take it a notch higher by dealing with more lessons. This will be made up of 4 classes in total, taking place in four consecutive sundays. In this masterclass, we will treat several topics such as

  • Mindset for personal and financial growth

To get into this masterclass, there will be series of assignments. A lot of assignments. Again, the plan is to spend time with as few people as possible who are committed to the process. If the only thing you do is take these assignments and not get admitted into the masterclass, you will be much better off in your personal finance in 2021.


A further entry requirement will be a fee. This fee will be for the masterclass. It will cost NGN50,000 ($110) to take the class.

Over the years, I have found out that free is not appreciated. Charging for a product/service does not just increase the value of that product but also the motivation to take action. That is what I intend to achieve here.

This fee will be paid only IF you do the assignments satisfactorily and are admitted into the class.

At the end of the Masterclass, if you are not satisfied, you will have your NGN50,000 refunded. No questions.

It is my hope that I will get as small a group as possible for this masterclass as I intend that a large chunk of the sessions be spent on Q&A.

At the end of the four Sundays, we will create an exclusive WhatsApp group.

If interested, send the following details to tosinjadeoti@gmail.com on or before Saturday, January 9th, 2021:

  1. NAME

Welcome and may 2021 be kind to us in all ramifications.


- — -

Other comments from the Financial Planning class,

“It was so helpful! Just what I’ve been wanting to hear for a long time.”


“It was a fantastic and eye opening session. Doesn’t come simpler. Kudos Tosin!!”


Informative, everything was simplified and he made use of lots of example which I like


It is enlightenng and thought provoking. Simple habits that help us make giant strides in life. Thank you Tosin. I cannot say that enough.


It was enlightening to me. More like a wake up call to a important area I have hitherto overlooked. I enjoyed it. Thank you


Enlightening. Well summarised. Awesome Budget highlights.


It was insightful. There was advice for all levels of income earners and all ages. The presentation was easy to understand.


Beautiful session. I particularly enjoyed the specific suggestions on financial apps and investment ideas. Kudos!


It was an eye opener. I learnt alot of valuable tips and investment advice.



I have received series of emails since yesterday. A large percentage is about the price of the masterclass.

Below is an actual chat exchange I had with someone who received the email. The essence of the chat captures what I have received since I sent the invitation to the masterclass yesterday.

You know, one of my biggest fears regarding this masterclass is that it will waste my time. That I will spent these Sundays teaching classes and folks will just not take action.

I am sure of the value it will deliver. We will be covering a lot.

  • Mindset for personal and financial growth

In fact, after the class, we will have a dedicated Whatsapp group where we will not hold ourselves accountable to our financial plans but also where I will share real opportunities as I see them. For instance, the stock market especially in America is set to boom.

Look at $CRON — Cronos Group. Cronos operates as a cannabinoid company in the US and internationally. There’s 10x more public weed/cannabis companies now than just a few years ago. $CRON is tantalizing because I recognized a couple of their brand names but also because they pop up in my growth screeners which made me want to dive a little deeper. It’s poised for a 2021 revenue growth (est.) of +118%. It did 62% this year.

Check their chart here: https://chrt.biz/CRON/1907481xco4/chart/

(Warning: This is not a buy recommendation. Don’t invest in this based on this analysis alone. They are still a few things to consider)

These and more, including the wild world of Crytocurrency is also something we will be delving into. More importantly, how can you increase your income? Because opportunities without resources are useless!

But for this to be worth my time, it has to be with folks who are committed to taking action, hence the price entry.

So listening to someone like K, I have decided to make the cost of entry NGN30,000 ($65) and hope that the pre-masterclass assignments will screen people out.

So let’d do this.

If interested, send the following details to tosinjadeoti@gmail.com on or before Saturday, January 9th, 2021:

  1. NAME

Welcome and may 2021 be kind to us in all ramifications.


Reader. Thinker. Entrepreneur (Founder at www.FreshlyPressed.ng) Email: tosinjadeoti@gmail.com

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