Idolizing Humans is a Waste of Time

There are too many things going on with humans that it is a waste of time to idolize, worship, and envy relationships, careers, and lives of people we’ve never even met.

I have interacted with more than a few children of the clergy who snicker at those who revere their parents. They may be justified because they live with these people and regularly witness their flaws.

Their parents have to take part of the blame too because while many of them know that they are living like mere men, they will not stop discoursing like angels. However those who idolize them also fail to realize that, despite what these people portend, humans are humans.

And it is the reason a lot of people are surprised when scandals break out.

How could Bill and Melinda Gates file for divorce?

How could Steve Oronsaye, someone openly vocal against government corruption, be fingered in a N190million corruption scandal?

Why would Jeff Bezos send those selfies?

How did PSquare end up that way?

Humans are humans and they will disappoint. They will disappoint not because they have no capacity for good, but because they are not perfect.

I am not sure if Seun remembers the day we went somewhere together and I saw a certain influential doctor from Twitter. She cooled my excitement when I went to say hi with her foreign accent. I rationalized it by saying she is busy and I was probably too forward.

I think I am right to rationalize it. People are dealing with all sorts of human messiness on a daily basis — family drama, money problems, ill health, insecurities. These messiness, which I call life, can rear its head at any time and often outside our control.

Therefore it is unwise to blindly worship imperfect humans.

An overwhelming majority of humans are good but they are not good all the time.

And it is the reason we are admonished not to meet our heroes because we may be disappointed.

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