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By Seun Tanwa

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Freshly Pressed Newsletter

Growing up with a father and uncle, who not only read the news and paid attention to both national and international developments, but also engaged me in the discussion of relevant subjects, reading the news became a routine. However, as the internet increasingly became the primary source, the search for one’s kind of news (each person has various parts of the news that appeals to him/her) gradually led to a decreased interest in consciously following the news and an increased reliance on social media trending stories, which many times are the not so relevant ones.

Then came Freshly Pressed.
While not getting enough of the news content one would have liked to, I started scouring the internet for individual profiles where relevant social-political and economic issues are regularly discussed, and I found profiles like those of Tosin Adeoti, Lasisi Olagunju, James Ibe-Anyanwu, etc. Recognizing the above, and after conducting a survey which showed that I wasn’t alone in the search of relevant news content, Tosin Adeoti came up with the idea of a platform that provides everyone with whatever news content that resonates with them, especially the most important national and international subjects, and in May 2020, he started Freshly Pressed.

Like smoothie?
Smiles, that was the first thing many readers said. Freshly Pressed is a newsletter that is published on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, sent to your email around 7 a.m WAT, and absolutely free. All you need do is to subscribe with your email ID and confirm your subscription with the link that is sent to your email. Like the nutrients in a freshly made smoothie, Freshly Pressed brings you the best of the news world early in the morning, before the various engagements of the day, relieving you of the stress of searching all over the internet for relevant news, as it provides you with all aspects of the news, politics, economy, tech, international relations, health, science, security, sports, entertainment, etc.

How long is it?
Are you wondering how you would be able to read this very early in the morning? Do not worry, Freshly Pressed gives you the news in short, explanatory and very enjoyable form. Imagine having a conversation with a reporter, not just reading in a one-way form, that’s what Freshly Pressed gives you. It is so simplified that you might actually forget that you are reading the news, and that’s no exaggeration, it’s part of the mostly positive feedback from readers since it started.

Sounds very interesting.
Yes, it is very interesting. Conscious of the times, Freshly Pressed provides the latest information on the coronavirus pandemic — infection figures, socio-economic impacts, the race for the development of vaccines and more — keeping it in our consciousness that while the human race can be confident in defeating the coronavirus, we must all remain safety conscious. For students and others with various educational and personal development goals, Freshly Pressed also provides you with information on scholarship opportunities, both locally and internationally.

How do they pack all the above together in a short read?
Freshly Pressed is structured into distinct, yet relatively connected sections. Beginning with a short, sometimes comic introduction, you are led to the next section which provides updates on the coronavirus pandemic, and on to the ON THIS DAY section, which reminds us of the things recorded in history. Following this are the explanatory and conversation-like news items, “what else is fresh and picks of the day”, where you have links to the founder’s picks of very informative news and articles from around the world. It concludes with informative sections on trivia, Quora question and answer, and literary works.

Can’t wait to check it out? You can subscribe with this link in a few seconds. If it appeals to you and you feel like sharing it with friends, there is a referral program that even rewards you for it. Below is information on the number of referrals and the rewards for each level.

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5- Premium Sunday Newsletter — Fresh Delight

10–30-minute Career Consultancy

15 — Adverts opportunity

30 — Autographed Book

50 — T-Shirt

100 — Hoodie.

Wondering who you can share it with? Freshly Pressed is for everyone, irrespective of the age group or other factors. If you have questions and/or suggestions, the FreshlyPressed crew listen. Please send your feedback via this email, and your feedback would be promptly attended to.

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