• Derek Lackey

    Derek Lackey

    A traditional ad guy with a slight (OK, not so slight) obsession for email and social media marketing. Amplifying direct response campaigns worldwide.

  • Aidah Omar

    Aidah Omar

    Ultimate Leads Generation Consultant. Ex-chemical engineer. Lives life with passion & excellence. http://www.aidahomar.com

  • Olawale Ogunibe

    Olawale Ogunibe

    A lot of things interest me — Software, Leadership, Technology, Movies, Travelling, Nigeria

  • Nicola Bird

    Nicola Bird

    Creator of http://www.JigsawBox.com, the online coaching tool

  • Lawal Mustapha Olalekan

    Lawal Mustapha Olalekan

    Just a curious guy who's in constant search of meaning! lawalmustapha1000@gmail.com

  • Emmanuel Offa

    Emmanuel Offa

  • Mark Godwin

    Mark Godwin

  • Mobolaji Adebayo

    Mobolaji Adebayo

    Threading through the thin line between reflection and experience. I write to take stock.

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