Amaechi’s Presidential Declaration and a People’s Docility

We are a disappointingly docile people. I think docile is the wrong word. It’s more that we don’t recognize how to be treated right.

By every indices, Rotimi Amaechi’s declaration today is a slap on the face of every Nigerian.

He is the Minister of Transportation. Just last week, one of the major trains under his purview — a train whose loans we’ve not even started paying back anything significant — was attacked.

Approximately 970 passengers were on board.

More than 60 people were killed including the secretary-general of the country’s Trade Union Congress, TUC.

The Managing Director of the nation’s Bank of Agriculture was released two days ago after paying an undisclosed amount as ransom — a newspaper said he paid N100 million.

Over 140 passengers are still unaccounted for. While the Nigerian Railway Corporation, NRC, said 141 passengers were taken away, the terrorists released a video saying they have 168 persons in their custody.

But today, the same Minister boldly declared that he wants to be president.

And there has been no outrage on this shameless audacity. I have not seen a single social media post wondering what Amaechi takes the people for.

Nigerians are in an abusive relationship with their oppressors, and any indication of self-awareness is no more.

How dare Amaechi!

A man who should have tendered his resignation letter wants to be promoted! Ah!




Reader. Thinker. Entrepreneur (Founder at Email:

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'Tosin Adeoti

'Tosin Adeoti

Reader. Thinker. Entrepreneur (Founder at Email:

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