Last night I finished “Omoluwabi 2.0: A Code of transformation in 21st century Nigeria” by Adewale Ajadi. Adewale Ajadi describes himself as a creative consultant, leadership educator, change agent, and storyteller. When I checked him out online, I saw that he works with African Leadership Center to deliver training on…

Since I watched the touching video of Lewis Hamilton inspiring those three kids, I have been thinking of his life and journey.

Of particular recollection are the people who made him dream.

But first a background: For a very long time, the man Michael Schumacher was considered the greatest Formula…

Systems are really everything. If you ask me to boil down the reason why some countries are developed and others are not, I will say the countries that develop have been able to organize themselves around systems that function regardless of the person in charge.

That is why I respect…

During the week, I spoke with someone who said he had to leave his house, lodge in a hotel for 2 weeks so he could study for his Masters exams in UNILAG.

And for the first time, despite the fact that this is what the educational system has taught us…

The discussion everybody is having around metaverse is a fascinating study of borderlessness to me.

That kid in rural Akwa Ibom can read Zuckerberg’s article firsthand and dream.

That’s what the concept of technology leapfrogging is about.

Many of you never experienced fixed-line technology; those phone lines the whole family…

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