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Yesterday evening, I finished Tim Harford’s “Fifty Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy”. Tim Harford is a journalist, economist, and broadcaster who currently is a senior columnist at the Financial Times and is the host of a BBC World Service program. The book was published in 2017.

The book is Tim’s attempt at identifying fifty illuminating stories about inventions that have shaped the modern economy. He was explicit in saying that it is not an attempt to define the fifty most significant inventions in economic history.

I write this review at the immediate aftermath of the #LekkiShooting that trail the #EndSARS movement in Nigeria and while I had read this part before the protests started, writing this review now makes me wonder how I will answer the question the author posed at the beginning of the…

Musing on the Paystack-Stripe Deal

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I can't help musing on the Paystack breakthrough.

For those who don't understand what they do, imagine that you go to a website to buy a shoe. The website incorporates Paystack for you to pay by entering your ATM card details on the Paystack feature on that website. They make it safe for you to use your cards online to purchase goods and devices without issues.

In tech-speak, Paystack describes itself as an online payment gateway that makes it easy for merchants to accept credit and debit card payments online from users or customers.

Look at. …

#EndSARS — A Protest Beyond Police Brutality

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A friend asked on my wall, "SARS has been disbanded, what else do the protesters want?"
- - -

Well, you don't understand. Asides the fact that over the years people have come to disbelieve the government - some folks had fellow citizens die in their hands during these protests as at yesterday - there is bottled-up anger in the land.

They are angry at the general insecurity in the land.

They are angry at the unemployment rate in the country.

They are angry at the hunger fuelled by the high inflation.

But they had no place to make this anger felt by the authorities. …


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